Black Friday Space Deals live blog: Telescopes, star projectors, Lego and more

Refresh 2022-11-23T15:55:14.183Z Save 21% on the Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ telescope (Image credit: Jamie Carter) The Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ refractor telescope is currently at a discount of over 20% which makes a perfect gift for beginner astronomers this Black Friday. It features a 70mm aperture and a powerful 900mm focal length that takes you in for … Read more

‘Blade Runner 2099’ live action TV show coming to Amazon Prime Video

A live-action, limited-run TV series based within the “Blade Runner” universe has been given the go ahead on Amazon Prime. Legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott, who directed the original “Blade Runner” film, will act as an executive producer on the new show. Based on the series title, the series will be set 50 years after the … Read more

Live long and prosper: A space traveler’s dilemma?

Space medical scientists are pushing for the development of an international database on long-term health effects of spaceflight. This is essential for protecting the health and performance of current and future crew members of all nationalities, as well as defining the long-term health consequences for retired crew members across the globe. That said, there are … Read more

Doctors and lawyers less likely to live in prosperous areas if from working class families, says research

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Doctors, lawyers, and senior managers from working class families are less likely to live in prosperous areas than their counterparts from well-off backgrounds, new research shows. Family background could mean the difference between living in economically mixed areas such as Portsmouth and well-heeled ones like Brentwood in Greater London, the study … Read more

Watch live: Living Planet Symposium 2022

Applications 05/20/2022 101 views 2 likes Held on 23–27 May in Bonn, Germany, the Living Planet Symposium brings together scientists and researchers, as well as industry and users of Earth observation data, from all over the world to present and discuss the latest findings on Earth science and how satellite data support environmental research and … Read more

Mars lander InSight has few months to live on Red Planet

NASA’s Marsquake-seeking lander is squeezing out as much science as possible amid dwindling power supplies, but it likely only has a few months left for its mission. The Mars lander InSight is battling a long-term accumulation of dust on its solar panels and is down to one-tenth of its available landing power of 5,000 watt-hours, … Read more

Congress holding UFO hearing Tuesday morning: Watch it live (and what to expect)

The US Congress will hold a public hearing tomorrow (May 17) on reports of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) skirting through our skies, and you can watch the proceedings live. Last year, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence submitted to Congress a preliminary report regarding UAP that relayed the progress the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena … Read more