Without Water and Life, Geology on Mars is Driven by the Wind

On Earth, we all know what changes our landscapes: water and wind erosion, tectonic activity, and volcanism. Today on Mars, wind-driven erosion is hard at work. Wind is an inexorable sculptor everywhere. And, it might have created places where planetary scientists and astrobiologists hunt for traces of primordial Martian life today. The Work of the … Read more

The origin of life in an RNA pocket

Nucleic Acids Research (2022). DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkac052″ width=”800″ height=”530″/> The protoribosome concept. (A) The symmetrical region, marked in blue (A-reg) and green (P-reg), within the rRNA scaffold of the large ribosomal subunit of D. radiodurans (PDBID 1NKW). (B) A close-up of the protoribosome where the 2-fold semi-symmetrical parts are shown. The view is along the pseudo-symmetry … Read more

What would it take to find life on Venus?

Artist’s depiction of the balloon mission to Venus. Credit: Seager et al. Life on Venus, or the possibility of its use, has been a hot topic as of late. There’s also been plenty of controversies, including the (still disputed) discovery of phosphine, a potential biomarker in the atmosphere. The best way to lay that controversy … Read more

It’s not just rocket science — hidden chemistry powers moon launches and sustains life in space

This article was originally published at The Conversation. (opens in new tab) The contributed the article to Space.com’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Curtis Ho (opens in new tab)Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Tasmania Many around the world will watch eagerly this Saturday as NASA launches Artemis 1 (opens in new tab)the agency’s first moon … Read more

New light shed on their life in Indonesian aquatic playground

A young reef manta rays inhabiting a nursery area in Wayag Lagoon, Raja Ampat, Indonesia . Credit: Edy Setyawan The early lives of manta rays remain a mystery. This is possibly because most researchers tend to pay more attention to large adult rays than their pups. But now, thanks in part to research conducted by … Read more

Geological discoveries hint at conditions when life arose on Earth — and possibly on Mars — ScienceDaily

The accepted view of Mars is red rocks and craters as far as the eye can see. That’s much what scientists expected when they landed the rover Perseverance in the Jezero Crater, a spot chosen partly for the crater’s history as a lake and as part of a rich river system, back when Mars had … Read more

Is your online life polluting the planet?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Choosing digital meetings, shopping and even exercise classes over their in-person alternatives can substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding transport-related pollution, but the environmental impact of our digital lives is also surprisingly high, says Human Geographer Dr. Jessica McLean, a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at Macquarie University’s School of … Read more

Probing the Red Planet: Finding past life at Jezero Crater

Since its wheels-down landing in February of last year, NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover has been busily at work, on the prowl steering itself across the Jezero Crater landscape. A key duty of the robot is to search for signs of ancient microbial life. The Mars is industriously machinery gathering up samples of Martian rock and … Read more

New Pompeii finds highlight middle-class life in doomed city

A picture provide by the Pompeii Archeological site press office, showing the latest discoveries in the ancient city of Pompeii which is enriching knowledge about the everyday lives of middle-class households. The director of the archaeological site, Gabriel Zuchtriegel, said on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2022, that excavations of rooms in a home first unearthed in … Read more

Europe’s troubled Mars rover still vital in the search for life

The stars have not been aligned for Europe’s first Martian rover ExoMars, but scientists still think the aging vehicle can play a big role in answering one of the biggest questions in Mars exploration: has there ever been life on the Red Planet? The European Space Agency’s (ESA) ExoMars Rosalind Franklin Rover is probably the … Read more