Interstellar objects might have crashed on to the moon

At least one interstellar object (ISO) has likely crashed into Earth’s moon over the eons, a new paper suggests. The moonwhich is filled with thousands of craters, is thus a good hunting ground for objects originating in interstellar space, the authors suggest through statistics and simulation. “Given the number of ISOs that we expect to … Read more

Voyager 1 marks 10 years in interstellar space

Humankind has now spent an entire decade exploring interstellar space. On Aug. 25, 2012, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft was 11 billion miles (18 billion kilometers) from the sun and scientists determined that the venerable spacecraft had crossed the boundary between the sun’s influence and the interstellar medium. Now, still going and still sending back data, … Read more

After 45 years, the 5-billion-year legacy of the Voyager 2 interstellar probe is just beginning

A computer-generated view of Neptune seen from the surface of Triton, using Voyager 2 images. Credit: JPL On August 20 1977, 45 years ago, an extraordinary spacecraft left this planet on a journey like no other. Voyager 2 was going to show us, for the first time, what the outer solar system planets looked like … Read more

Is it time to launch an interstellar probe mission?

There is a promising new work underway to pursue a deep space robotic interstellar mission. Called Interstellar Probe, this venture could capture an unified view of our heliosphere, out into nearby interstellar space. All of that sounds exceedingly lofty, ambitious, and tough-to-do. But there’s no need to wait for new technology, say advocates — it’s … Read more