Minority, immigrant populations faced misinformation, hostility when seeking COVID-19 information online

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, many people turned to online sources to find health information. That was also largely the case for racial and ethnic minority populations in the United States, and a new study from the University of Kansas found they faced many of the same challenges such … Read more

New data dashboard reporting street-level flooding in NYC gives real-time information on rising waters

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain New York City is girding itself for storm season, which, in the face of accelerating climate change, could mean more frequent and extreme storms like Hurricanes Henri and Ida, and local cloudbursts producing prodigious volumes of stormwater. The city has a new arrow in its quiver to confront these threats with … Read more

Magnetic quantum material broadens platform for probing next-gen information technologies

Neutron scattering revealed spin correlations of iron trichloride. An artist’s depiction interprets the scattering that provides evidence of a spiral spin liquid state. Credit: Jacquelyn DeMink/ORNL Scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory used neutron scattering to determine whether a specific material’s atomic structure could host a novel state of matter called a spiral spin … Read more

Emulating impossible ‘unipolar’ laser pulses paves the way for processing quantum information

The semiconductor nanosheets in the water-cooled copper mount turn an infrared laser pulse into an effectively unpolar terahertz pulse. The team says that their terahertz emitter could be made to fit inside a matchbox. Credit: Christian Meineke, Huber Lab, University of Regensburg A laser pulse that sidesteps the inherent symmetry of light waves could manipulate … Read more

Using renormalization group methods to study how the brain processes information

This is a snapshot taken from a numerical simulation of the two-dimensional Wilson-Cowan model with stochastic input (Eq. (3) in our paper). Yellow (blue) pixels represent high (low) activity. Credit: Tiberi et al. Past neuroscience research suggests that biological neural networks in the brain could self-organize into a critical state. In physics, a critical state … Read more