After DART’s incredible asteroid impact, the science is only beginning

NASA’s DART mission has successfully slammed into Dimorphos, obliterating the spacecraft and giving the asteroid an almighty whack that scientists hope has altered its orbit around its larger companion and proven that we have the ability to deflect incoming hazardous asteroids. Mission over? Not by a long shot! Now that DART has done its job, … Read more

DART asteroid-smashing mission ‘on track for an impact,’ NASA says

NASA is just days away from slamming a spacecraft into an asteroid 7 million miles (11 million kilometers) from Earth. The agency’s long-awaited Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission will impact with the asteroid moonlet Dimorphos on Monday (Sept. 26), if all goes according to plan. The DART mission launched on Nov. 23, 2021 on … Read more

Revealing spacecraft geometry effects on impact simulations for NASA’s DART mission

The same DART spacecraft impact can result in very different craters on Dimorphos depending on what the asteroid material is like. The crater on the left is the result if Dimorphos is composed of strong rocky material, while the much larger crater shown on the right could occur if the Dimorphos is made up of … Read more

ESA deep space network tracks DART asteroid impact

Space Safety 09/20/2022 77 views 1 likes In brief Next week, all eyes will be looking up as NASA intentionally crashes the 550 kg DART spacecraft into an orbiting asteroid at high speed. ESA’s Estrack network of ground stations, Europe’s ‘eyes on the sky’, will be particularly focused on the humanmade impactor, keeping track of … Read more

Study quantifies impact of human activity on Atlantic Rainforest’s carbon storage capacity

Example of human impact on Atlantic Rainforest: selective logging. Credit: Renato Augusto Ferreira de Lima The countless benefits of native forests include the capacity of tree biomass to store large amounts of carbon, which can counterbalance gas greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere. A paper published in the journal Science Advances reports on an innovative analysis … Read more

Unveiling how water and ions impact chemical reactivities at solid-aqueous interfaces

Getting catalysts to play your tune with the help of water and water-borne species. Credit: Chinese Journal of Catalysis Solid-aqueous interfaces are ubiquitous and essential in a diverse range of natural and man-made systems and processes, from mineral formation, rock weathering and metal corrosion, to the intricate functioning of biological membranes and ion channels. In … Read more

Researchers working to reduce space junk threat, impact

New research points to increasing pollution in the upper atmosphere due to reentering satellites, rocket bodies and other incoming spaceflight flotsam. That troublesome trend is leading researchers to come up with mitigation proposals, one of which would use fabrication concepts to reduce the size of space debris pieces that make it to Earth. The Aerospace … Read more

The impact of megafires on estuaries from Australia’s ‘Black Summer’

The burnt zone reaches all the way to the edge of the water at Clyde River/Batemans Bay. Credit: John Turnbull Australian researchers have explored the impact of bushfires on estuaries in New South Wales, Australia’s largest state, finding fires can increase the load of fire-derived pollutants with potentially profound environmental effects. Estuaries (where the river … Read more

Burying short sections of power lines would drastically reduce hurricanes’ future impact on coastal residents

Climate change could make heat waves a dangerous hazard of future hurricanes. Credit: US Navy / Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class R. Jason Brunson / Released As Earth warms due to climate change, people living near the coasts not only face a higher risk of major hurricanes, but are also more likely to experience a … Read more