Study finds ‘substantial’ costs on workers with severe COVID-19 illnesses

Effects of health-related absences on workers. This figure displays effects of health-related absences at one and twelve months after the absence. All panels estimate the event-study specification (Equation 1) with our full set of controls. Confidence intervals reflect standard errors clustered by worker. See Appendix A for event-study figures and tests for heterogeneous effects of … Read more

Air pollution caused 2,780 deaths, illnesses, and IQ loss in children in Massachusetts in 2019

Environmental Health is the first to detail on a town-by-town basis the deaths and illnesses caused by air pollution in Massachusetts, and also outlines steps to curb fine particulate pollutants. Credit: Boston College” width=”792″ height=”530″/> Air pollution, climate change, and public health are closely linked, as a new study from Boston College researchers shows. The … Read more