Preps resume for SpaceX crew launch after Hurricane Ian – Spaceflight Now

From left to right: Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata, NASA astronaut Josh Cassada, NASA commander Nicole Mann, and Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina arrives at Kennedy Space Center on Oct. 1 to prepare for launch to the International Space Station. Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky The next multinational crew scheduled to ride a SpaceX rocket and capsule to the … Read more

SpaceX, ULA postpones launches as Hurricane Ian moves toward Florida – Spaceflight Now

A view from NOAA’s GOES-16 weather satellite of Hurricane Ian making landfall in Southwest Florida on Sept. 28. Credit: NOAA The forecast track of Hurricane Ian across Central Florida has forced SpaceX and United Launch Alliance to postpone several upcoming launches at Cape Canaveral, including the next crew flight to the International Space Station, a … Read more

Artemis 1 rocket moved to hangar as spaceport completes hurricane preps – Spaceflight Now

NASA’s Space Launch System moon rocket moves into the Vehicle Assembly Building on Sept. 27. Credit: Stephen Clark / Spaceflight Now NASA moved the Space Launch System moon rocket back into its hangar Tuesday to take shelter from Hurricane Ian, likely pushing back the next launch attempt for the agency’s long-delayed Artemis 1 lunar test … Read more

Ian could become ‘catastrophic’ Category 4 hurricane. NASA considers stashing rocket

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Tropical Storm Ian was forecast to rapidly gain strength Sunday while racing across the Caribbean toward Cuba and threatening a big hit to Florida’s west coast later in the week. Ian was 540 miles southeast of Cuba early Sunday, cruising northwest at 12 miles an hour with 50 mph winds. The … Read more

Fortified Bermuda braces for powerful Hurricane Fiona

In this handout photo courtesy of the US Air Force a 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron aircrew from Keesler Air Force Base, Missouri, flies a data collection mission into Hurricane Fiona on September 22, 2022. The beach chairs and umbrellas were put away, storefronts were covered and a lighthouse illuminated racing clouds overhead as Bermuda braced … Read more

Two hurricane research satellites lost in Astra launch failure – Spaceflight Now

Astra’s Rocket 3.3 vehicle lifted off at 1:43 pm EDT (1743 GMT) Sunday from Cape Canaveral with the first two NASA TROPICS hurricane research satellites. Credit: Astra / NASASpaceflight Two small NASA hurricane research satellites were destroyed after launch Sunday from Cape Canaveral when their commercial rocket, provided by Astra, prematurely shut down its upper … Read more

People in the Philly region are ‘still reeling’ emotionally from Hurricane Ida. Now, more rain is coming

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Driving home from work, Kristin Herman was gripping her steering wheel hard. It was mid-April, and one of the region’s heaviest rainstorms since Hurricane Ida was hurtling through Bucks County, Pennsylvania. With the rain coming down, Herman, 37, couldn’t help but think about the harrowing drive she’d made from her family’s … Read more

Hurricane category isn’t the full picture. Scientists suggest it’s time for a new scale

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Nothing drives hurricane experts crazier than the sentiment, “Oh, it’s just a Category 1.” It’s not just an annoying attitude, it’s a deadly one. Hardly a hurricane season goes by without a fresh example of a low-category storm causing more trouble than people expected. Last year, Hurricane Ida swept from Louisiana … Read more

As hurricane season approaches, experts say to beware of more rapidly intensifying storms

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Maggie and Mike McKinney, their pets and a friend sought refuge in a bathroom of their home in Florida’s Panhandle on Oct. 10, 2018 with three shot glasses and a bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey. They fled there when Hurricane Michael’s fiercest winds arrived and Maggie could feel their house and … Read more