Huge quake hits Papua New Guinea, extent of damage unclear

Debris lies strewn across the floor in the kitchen of Renagi Ravu’s house in the town of Kainantu, following a strong earthquake in northeastern Papua New Guinea, Sunday Sept. 11, 2022. The US Geological Survey has detected a 7.6-magnitude earthquake in northeastern Papua New Guinea. Credit: Renagi Ravu via AP Renagi Ravu was meeting with … Read more

Coronal mass ejection hits Solar Orbiter before Venus flyby

Enabling & Support 09/05/2022 582 views 15th likes In brief In the early hours of Sunday 4 September, Solar Orbiter flew by Venus for a gravity-assist manoeuvre that alters the spacecraft’s orbit, getting it even closer to the Sun. As if trying to get the orbiter’s attention as it cosied up to another body in … Read more