High-resolution study on California coastal cliff erosion

Ocean view at Devil’s Slide Trail. Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The first study to analyze California’s coastal cliff retreat statewide using high-resolution data has found that cliffs receded faster in the north than elsewhere in the state during the study period. But the study, which covered 866 kilometers (538 miles) of cliffs, detected erosional hotspots … Read more

See-through zebrafish, new imaging method put blood stem cells in high-resolution spotlight

Tracing features in a large 3D electron microscopy dataset reveals a zebrafish blood stem cell (in green) and its surrounding niche support cells, a group photo method that will help researchers understand factors that contribute to blood stem cell health—which could in turn help develop therapies for blood diseases and cancers. Credit: Keunyoung Kim For … Read more