Atlas 5 rocket completes high-altitude tandem satellite delivery for SES – Spaceflight Now

United Launch Alliance’s Atlas 5 rocket climbs off pad 41 Tuesday at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station with the SES 20 and SES 21 television broadcasting satellites. Credit: Michael Cain / Spaceflight Now / Coldlife Photography Running a few days late after a delay caused by Hurricane Ian, an Atlas 5 rocket built by United … Read more

Saturn’s high-altitude winds generate an extraordinary aurorae, study finds — ScienceDaily

Leicester space scientists have discovered a never-before-seen mechanism fueling huge planetary aurorae at Saturn. Saturn is unique among planets observed to date in that some of its aurorae are generated by swirling winds within its own atmosphere, and not just from the planet’s surrounding magnetosphere. At all other observed planets, including Earth, aurorae are only … Read more