Not even soaking rain can ease fire risk in a California hit by record heat, dry landscape

by Hayley Smith and Alexandra E. Petri Credit: CC0 Public Domain A summer of drought, extreme heat and deadly wildfires will end with much-needed rain this week in parts of California, but it is unlikely to douse the threat of wind-driven fires this fall in a state scarred by record-setting heat waves and bone-dry landscapes. … Read more

Drought, record heat, fires and now maybe floods

A helicopter drops water on the Fairview Fire burning on a hillside Thursday, Sept. 8, 2022, near Hemet, Calif. Scientists say a warming planet will lead to hotter, longer and more wildfire-plagued heat waves. Credit: AP Photo/Ringo HW Chiu, File Californians sweated it out amid a record-breaking heat wave entering its 10th day Friday that … Read more

Temperatures across the country are rising, and heat officers might be able to help

Credit: CC0 Public Domain For most of his career, David Hondula worked as a professor and environmental science researcher at Arizona State University studying the impact of the changing climate. Now, he is on the front lines for Phoenix putting what he knows into practice. Nearly a year ago, Hondula was hired by the city … Read more

Examining the heat wave through a social lens

Credit: University of Texas at Arlington Texas is certainly no stranger to summer heat. But one University of Texas at Arlington expert believes heat and climate change should be viewed as not only an environmental crisis, but also a social justice issue. Karen Magruder is an assistant professor of practice at UTA’s School of Social … Read more

Today’s heat waves feel a lot hotter than heat index implied

The long-used Heat Index table (top) underestimates the apparent temperature for the most extreme heat and humidity conditions occurring today (center). The corrected version (bottom) is accurate over the entire range of temperatures and humidities humans will encounter with climate change. Credit: David Romps and Yi-Chuan Lu, UC Berkeley If you’ve looked at the heat … Read more

Anthropologist explores how heat impacts North Texans’ physical, mental health

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain When Courtney Cecale moved into her North Texas house in the summer of 2020, she was in for a heat shock. The plants in her car wilted and died before she could move them into the house. Her two black Labradors, Carl and Tony, got sick. “There were just very small, … Read more

Preventing heat islands is a priority for the future of our cities

Between the city and the countryside, the temperature differences are on average 4 to 5 degrees. Credit: EPFL/A.Herzog The summer of 2022 was: the series of heat waves between June and August provided a glimpse of how climate change will make cities arduous places to live in the summer months. That’s especially true in the … Read more

Extreme heat waves may be our new normal, thanks to climate change. Is the globe prepared?

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Think the intense heat baking the nation and much of the world this summer seems like an apocalyptic blockbuster? Just wait for the sequel. Already occurring more often, heat waves are forecast to increase in potency and duration because of climate change, say scientists, who fear the globe is ill-prepared to … Read more

How Seattle is building weather-predicting tech to spot heat waves

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Seattle weather was in the sunny 70s in mid-July when weather forecasters saw the heat wave that has driven 90-degree highs last week was on its way. That’s a change from decades past, when heat could hit or miss by surprise. Advances in technology and technique have turned weather into a … Read more

Climate change made UK heat wave hotter, more likely

A police officer givers water to a British soldier wearing a traditional bearskin hat, on guard duty outside Buckingham Palace, during hot weather in London, July 18, 2022. Scientists said the heat wave in England and Wales on July 18 and 19 was definitely turbocharged by human-caused climate change, according to a study released Thursday, … Read more