Lab grows macroscale, modular materials from bacteria

Rice University bioscientists have turned bacteria into self-assembling building blocks. The macroscale, slime-like engineered living materials they form could be used to soak up environmental contaminants or as custom catalysts. Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University Engineered living materials promise to aid efforts in human health, energy and environmental remediation. Now they can be built big and … Read more

Space agriculture boldly grows food where no one has grown before

Satellite imagery monitors environmental changes to inform agricultural decisions. Agricultural patterns are distinctly visible in this near-vertical false-color infrared photography of farmland south of Khartoum, Sudan. (Image credit: JSC/NASA) This article was originally published at The Conversation. (opens in new tab) The contributed the article to’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Ajwal Dsouza (opens … Read more

Ninth asteroid added to Lucy mission; optimism grows on solar array issue – Spaceflight Now

The UltraFlex solar arrays on NASA’s Lucy spacecraft unfold during a ground test at a Lockheed Martin test facility in Colorado. Credit: Lockheed Martin Engineers have made progress in attempts to fully unfurl a solar array wing that snagged on NASA’s Lucy asteroid explorer shortly after launch last October, adding to optimism that the spacecraft … Read more