Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs also triggered global tsunami

The asteroid that struck Earth 66 million years ago, wiping out three-quarters of the planet’s plant and animal life (most famously the dinosaurs), also triggered a worldwide tsunami with mile-high waves. A new study led by University of Michigan scientists reveals that this tsunami scoured the ocean floor and left geologic traces as far away … Read more

Protecting Earth from asteroids is complicated and global

PARIS — NASA’s DART spacecraft is closing in on its appointment with Dimorphos, but the energetic encounter is just the very speartip of global efforts to keep life on Earth safe from asteroid impacts. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) is set to smash into Dimorphos, a moonlet of the larger asteroid Didymos, on Monday … Read more

Termites love global warming, the pace of their wood munching gets significantly faster in hotter weather

Wood feeding termites (Microcerotermes spp) inside their nest. Credit: Johan Larson, author provided When we consider termites, we may think of the danger they can pose to our houses once they settle in and start eating wood. But in fact, only about 4% of termite species worldwide are considered pests that might, at some point, … Read more

First public global database of fossil fuels launches

A smokestack stands at a coal plant on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, in Delta, Utah. On Monday, Sept. 19, the world’s first public database of fossil fuel production, reserves and emissions launches. It shows that the United States and Russia have enough fossil fuel reserves to exhaust the world’s remaining carbon budget to stay under … Read more

Global warming doubled the risk for Copenhagen’s historic 2011 cloudburst

Cars stuck in flooding during historic cloudburst over Copenhagen, Denmark on July 2, 2011. Credit: Lisa Risager from Denmark, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons Researchers at the University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), have used detailed weather models to clearly tie increased temperatures to the historic cloudburst over … Read more

Report lays out future scenarios for global chemical industry

Front cover of “Planet Positive Chemicals” report. Credit: Center for Global Commons, The University of Tokyo A new report sends a dire warning to the chemical industry, which it says is on track for a future global warming scenario with catastrophic consequences, and sets out tangible, credible pathways for the sector to become an enabler … Read more

Researchers quantify the amount of energy that plants use to lift water on a global scale

A stand of quaking aspens pump water up to their canopies in southwestern Colorado. Credit: Leander Anderegg Every day, about one quadrillion gallons of water are silently pumped from the ground to the treetops. Earth’s plant life accomplishes this staggering feat using only sunlight. It takes energy to lift all this liquid, but just how … Read more

Global analysis identifies at-risk forests

Wildfire at Lick Creek, Umatilla National Forest, Oregon, United States. Credit: Brendan O’Reilly/US Forest Service Forests are engaged in a delicate, deadly dance with climate change, sucking carbon dioxide out of the air with billions of leafy straws and hosting abundant biodiversity, as long as climate change, with its droughts, wildfires and ecosystem shifts, doesn’t … Read more

Biologists address global extinction crisis

ISME Communications (2022). DOI: 10.1038/s43705-022-00126-3″ width=”800″ height=”434″/> Schematic of the disease transmission experimental setup. Six coral species (listed from most to least susceptible and represented by different colors) were cut in half, allowed to acclimate, and then placed in either a control or treatment tank. Half circles with matching color and number indicate being matching … Read more

Risk of catastrophic California ‘megaflood’ has doubled due to global warming, researchers say

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Even today, as California struggles with severe drought, global warming has doubled the likelihood that weather conditions will unleash a deluge as devastating as the Great Flood of 1862, according to a UCLA study released Friday. In that inundation 160 years ago, 30 consecutive days of rain triggered monster flooding that … Read more