Researchers suggest novel way to generate a light source made from entangled photons

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Entanglement is a strange phenomenon in quantum physics where two particles are inherently connected to each other no matter the distance between them. When one is measured, the other measurement is instantly a given. Researchers from Purdue University have proposed a novel, unconventional approach to generate a special light source made … Read more

Mimicking termites to generate new materials

A termite mound seen in Gaborone Game Reserve in Botswana. Termites are known to build mounds as tall as 30 feet. Credit: Oratile Leipego Inspired by the way termites build their nests, researchers at Caltech have developed a framework to design new materials that mimic the fundamental rules hidden in nature’s growth patterns. The researchers … Read more

Saturn’s high-altitude winds generate an extraordinary aurorae, study finds — ScienceDaily

Leicester space scientists have discovered a never-before-seen mechanism fueling huge planetary aurorae at Saturn. Saturn is unique among planets observed to date in that some of its aurorae are generated by swirling winds within its own atmosphere, and not just from the planet’s surrounding magnetosphere. At all other observed planets, including Earth, aurorae are only … Read more