Using game theory mathematics to resolve human conflicts

Game theory mathematics is being used to better understand and manage the social and environmental challenges of our times. Credit: © tulaidea, Shutterstock Game theory mathematics is used to predict outcomes in conflict situations. Now it is being adapted through big data to resolve highly contentious issues between people and the environment. Game theory is … Read more

Game of Thrones prequel confirms there will be no sexual violence on screen. Here’s why that’s important

Credit: HBO HBO’s fantasy series “Game of Thrones” dominated television and pop culture discourse for much of a decade. Its upcoming prequel series, “House of the Dragon,” is similarly generating conversation, although not in ways the producers might prefer. Much of this has centered on discussions of sexual assault and rape on screen. This new … Read more

Terraforming Mars board game review

Essential info: Price: $47.49/£47.99 Type: Strategy Players: 1-5 Recommended age: 12+ Time per game: 3 hours+ Complexity: 8/10 Terraforming Mars is widely beloved by the board game community, partly because of its extraterrestrial theme but also because of its brilliant mix of gameplay elements. You play as a money-driven corporation, desperate to cash in on … Read more

Board game developed by scientists is winning plaudits for inspiring students to consider STEM careers

Diamond: The Game. Credit: Diamond Light Source Ltd A team of scientists and a games specialist have designed “Diamond: The Game,” a board game developed to give secondary school students a chance to explore a broad range of STEM scientific careers and subjects. This is achieved through firsthand experience of the different aspects of working … Read more

Testing a new desktop’s computational power with a video game

With each passing year, we depend more and more upon computational simulations for our research work at PVL. Recently, we decided to acquire a new workstation to increase our capacity. This week, Charissa Campbell writes about her efforts to test-drive the new machine using a piece of software that would challenge its simulation capabilities: the … Read more