Report lays out future scenarios for global chemical industry

Front cover of “Planet Positive Chemicals” report. Credit: Center for Global Commons, The University of Tokyo A new report sends a dire warning to the chemical industry, which it says is on track for a future global warming scenario with catastrophic consequences, and sets out tangible, credible pathways for the sector to become an enabler … Read more

Scientists are divining the future of Earth’s ice-covered oceans at their harsh fringes

Credit: Alessandro Toffoli, Author provided One of the harshest and most dynamic regions on Earth is the marginal ice zone—the place where ocean waves meet sea ice, which is formed by freezing of the ocean’s surface. Published today, a themed issue of the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A Reviews the rapid progress … Read more

New water map of Mars will prove invaluable for future exploration

Science & Exploration 08/22/2022 443 views 11 likes A new map of Mars is changing the way we think about the planet’s watery past, and showing where we should land in the future. The map shows mineral deposits across the planet and has been painstakingly created over the last decade using data from ESA’s Mars … Read more

Data from ESA’s Gaia mission reveals our Sun’s future and past

On June 13, the third major data release from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Gaia mission revealed details about the past and future of our solar system’s star, the Sun, by using data collected by Gaia on stars of similar mass and composition to our Sun. Gaia is a star mapping mission and collects massive … Read more

Forecasting the future to help protect monarch butterflies

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The outlook for monarch butterflies isn’t great right now. In fact, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, or IUCN, just added North America’s monarchs to its list of endangered species. With news like this, it can be easy to overlook the reasons to be hopeful that we can protect … Read more

Burying short sections of power lines would drastically reduce hurricanes’ future impact on coastal residents

Climate change could make heat waves a dangerous hazard of future hurricanes. Credit: US Navy / Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class R. Jason Brunson / Released As Earth warms due to climate change, people living near the coasts not only face a higher risk of major hurricanes, but are also more likely to experience a … Read more

Climate-resilient breadfruit might be the food of the future

Breadfruit, hanging from a tree on the island of St. Vincent. Credit: Nyree Zerega/Northwestern University/Chicago Botanic Garden In the face of climate change, breadfruit soon might come to a dinner plate near you. While researchers predict that climate change will have an adverse effect on most staple crops, including rice, corn and soybeans, a new … Read more

Preventing heat islands is a priority for the future of our cities

Between the city and the countryside, the temperature differences are on average 4 to 5 degrees. Credit: EPFL/A.Herzog The summer of 2022 was: the series of heat waves between June and August provided a glimpse of how climate change will make cities arduous places to live in the summer months. That’s especially true in the … Read more

The future of NASA’s laser communications

Illustration of LCRD relaying data from ILLUMA-T on the International Space Station to a ground station on Earth. Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Dave Ryan NASA uses lasers to send information to and from Earth, employing invisible beams to traverse the skies, sending terabytes of data—pictures and videos—to increase our knowledge of the universe. This … Read more

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter discovers thermally stable areas in surface pits suitable for future lunar bases

Using data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), a group of NASA-funded researchers have discovered that shaded locations inside surface pits on the lunar surface harbor comfortable temperatures that could prove useful for future lunar exploration. Furthermore, LRO continues to operate in a healthy state around the Moon and is regularly returning data, so much … Read more