Adding fungal enzymes to dairy cow rations boosts milk output and quality

This 10-week study involved 48 Holstein cows at the Penn State Dairy Teaching and Research Center. Some were fed rations supplemented with an enzyme preparation extracted from a mixed fungal culture, and researchers then evaluated the cows’ lactational performance, metabolism and digestion. Credit: Penn State Supplementing the feed of dairy cattle with enzymes from two … Read more

Fungal experiment to launch as Artemis I payload

A US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) experiment prepares to launch as part of NASA’s scheduled Artemis I mission to orbit the moon Aug. 29. The NRL experiment will use samples of fungi to investigate effects of the deep space radiation environment outside of Earth’s protective magnetosphere. Credit: US Navy illustration by Sarah Peterson An experiment … Read more

Insect pathogenic bacterium also helps to combat fungal infection

The secondary cell type of Photorhabdus luminescens protects plants against the pathogenic fungus Fusarium graminearum. The associated bacteria not only safeguard plants but also kill this funs using enzymes that degrade chitin (right). Without protection, the infected plant will wither and possibly even die (left). Credit: Nazzareno Dominelli, JGU Future food shortages are expected to … Read more

Researchers investigating origins of snake fungal disease in US

PLOS Biology. Credit: Northern Arizona University” width=”800″ height=”523″/> A team of researchers, including NAU assistant professor Jason Ladner, conducted a genetic study of snake fungal disease that was recently published in PLOS Biology. Credit: Northern Arizona University Although only recently recognized as an issue in wildlife ecology, snake fungal disease (SFD) is of an emerging … Read more