Watch Mars at opposition meet the full moon next week (Dec. 7)

Every once in a while, something will appear in the sky that will attract the attention of even those who normally don’t bother looking up. It’s likely to be that way in the evening hours of Wednesday (Dec. 7) when the full moon will appear in very close proximity to the now-brilliant planet Mars. In … Read more

Full Moon of Scorpio – The Mystery of Harmony – TPS – English

Today we celebrate the eleventh of the 12 Festivals of the new world Religion, the Full Moon of Scorpio, the festival aimed at asserting the Will to win in the name of Harmonythe sign of the Warrior (Disciple-Humanity), who fights his battle and emerges from it triumphant. The battlefield is that of the three worlds … Read more

Andor goes full ‘Papillon’ this week in episode 10 ‘One Way Out’

With just two episodes left in “Andor” on Disney Plus (opens in new tab) (after this one), our minds are raging torrents, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative possibilities as to where the first season will leave us. What perilous, anxiety-inducing cliffhanger does creator Tony Gilroy deem fit to leave … Read more

November full moon 2022: Full Beaver Blood Moon gets a total lunar eclipse

November’s full “Beaver Moon” will occur on Nov. 8 and will undergo a total lunar eclipse. The total phase will be visible on almost the entire night side of Earth, from the eastern eastern half of Russia and Kazakhstan China and India to North America and the western half of South America. The moon becomes … Read more

Full Moon of Libra – The Mystery of the Law – TPS – English

Today we celebrate the tenth of the 12 Festivals of the new world Religion, the Full Moon of Libra, the festival aimed at asserting the Will to balance Spirit and Matterconnected to the Mystery of the Law, the enactment of Order. [1] In co-measurement with the celestial Fires, ideally united with all those who in … Read more

Should we really believe scientific facts will last forever when history is full of revolutions in thinking?

Astronomers once believed the sun revolved around the Earth. In the 19th century, scientists thought the shape of a person’s skull could reveal their mental strengths or weaknesses. And in the 20th century, many scientists fiercely opposed the idea that continents drift. All views that have since been completely overturned. So can we trust the … Read more

Harvest Moon 2022 : September’s full moon thrills stargazers around the world (photos)

The full moon of September lit up the night sky this weekend in a dazzling lunar sight enjoyed by skywatchers around the world. September’s full moon peaked on Saturday (Sept. 10), but did appear fully illuminated to casual observers in the day before and after its lunar show. It also marked the Harvest Moon of … Read more

Full Moon of Virgo – The Mystery of Form – TPS – English

Today we celebrate the ninth of the 12 Festivals of the new world Religion, the Full Moon of Virgo, the festival aimed at asserting the Will to nourish and manifest the Christ and at grasping and understanding, through the consciousness of the Disciple-Humanity, the Mystery of Form, since Form is the crystal of Creation, the … Read more

September full moon 2022 guide: the Harvest Moon

The full moon gets some company from our solar system’s planets this month. The name of the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, “Harvest Moon,” reflects that September was the beginning of the harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Europe. September’s full moon will be bracketed by close approaches to Saturn on … Read more