What the mechanical forces behind protein folding can tell us about metastatic cancer

Ionel Popa, UWM professor of physics, demonstrates the magnetic tweezers he and his lab members built to measure the mechanical forces that act on proteins as they fold and refold. Proteins are large molecules that carry out the body’s functions required for good health. Credit: Elora Hennessey, UWM Talin is a protein that controls cellular … Read more

Protein folding in times of oxygen deficiency

Wild-type Arabidopsis plants and ero1 ero2 mutants after four days of flooding followed by a six-day recovery period. The double mutants show very clearly recognizable damage. Credit: José Ugalde/University of Bonn Proteins often consist of hundreds or thousands of individual parts—the amino acids. These are connected like the links of a chain. However, protein molecules … Read more