Flexible method for shaping laser beams extends depth-of-focus for OCT imaging

The researchers demonstrated their approach for generating needle-shaped beams by using a needle-shaped beam 300 microns long and 3 microns in diameter to perform OCT imaging of human skin. Their images showed much higher resolution (bottom) than OCT images using a traditional Gaussian-shaped beam. Credit: Jingjing Zhao, Stanford University School of Medicine Researchers have developed … Read more

Scientists develop durable material for flexible artificial muscles

A 4×5-inch film made of 10 layers of processable, high-performance dielectric elastomers (PHDE) stacked together with 20 actuators. Credit: Soft Materials Research Lab/UCLA UCLA materials scientists and colleagues at the nonprofit scientific research institute SRI International have developed a new material and manufacturing process for creating artificial muscles that are stronger and more flexible than … Read more