Not even soaking rain can ease fire risk in a California hit by record heat, dry landscape

by Hayley Smith and Alexandra E. Petri Credit: CC0 Public Domain A summer of drought, extreme heat and deadly wildfires will end with much-needed rain this week in parts of California, but it is unlikely to douse the threat of wind-driven fires this fall in a state scarred by record-setting heat waves and bone-dry landscapes. … Read more

Fire damages homes in southern Greece; more blazes active

A house is on fire near the village of Krestena south of Ancient Olympia, about 320 kilometers (200 miles) southwest of Athens, as authority evacuated urgently another five villages in the area, on Sunday, July 24, 2022. There are at least six More fires burning across Greece, according to the fire service, with three of … Read more

Engineers Build a gun That can Fire Projectiles at 10 km/s, Simulating High-Speed ​​Space Debris Impacts

According to the ESA’s Space Debris Office (SDO), there are about 31,630 debris objects in orbit that are regularly tracked by space surveillance networks. However, this only accounts for the larger objects and doesn’t include the (literally) millions of tiny bits of “space junk” that pollute Low Earth Orbit (LEO). According to the SDO, this … Read more

Study reveals an regime change in Europe’s fire

Evolution of fire risks in the Mediterranean basin over the last 30 years, documented by the study published in Scientific Reports. The study detects the emergence of summer seasons with extreme values ​​of fire risks over the last decades. Credit: University of Barcelona A study reveals a change in the fire regime in Europe which … Read more

Orbital Starship prepares for Static Fire campaign

SpaceX has entered the next phase of preparations to send Starship to orbit. Following the key milestone of passing the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) with a mitigated Finding Of No Significant Impact (FONSI), SpaceX rolled out Super Heavy Booster 7 to the Orbital Launch Site for a third time to begin … Read more

Fire Acts Strangely in Microgravity. Astronauts Have Lit More Than 1,500 Fires on the Space Station to Figure Out Why

Ever since childhood, we were all told to never play with fire. Despite it being relevant to our everyday lives, to include heating our homes and water, cooking our food, producing electricity, and more, fire is extremely dangerous. We were all indoctrinated more with how to put out fires instead of how to start one. … Read more

Off-season cattle grazing to help control fire danger from invasive cheatgrass

Scientists at the University of Nevada, Reno have discovered that fire danger can be reduced through the application of targeted cattle grazing in the dormant growing season by attracting the cattle with feeding stations containing liquid protein feed supplements. Credit: University of Nevada, Reno Cheatgrass, an invasive annual grass that has invaded the Nevada rangelands, … Read more

New study shows how ‘green islands’ help forests regenerate after fire

A remote sensing aerial image that was used to quantify fire refugia from the 2012 Shadow Lake Fire in Oregon. Credit: National Agricultural Imagery Program Thanks to climate change, high-elevation forests in the Central Cascade mountains of the Pacific Northwest are burning more frequently and expansively than in the recent past, prompting researchers and fire … Read more

Report strategy summarizes record-breaking fire year and calls for shift in

A Lassen Hotshot firefighter pauses during the August Complex Fire, which was ignited by lightning strikes on August 17, 2020. Credit: Mike McMillan, Pacific Southwest Forest Service-USDA Just over 9,900 wildfires burned about 4.3 million acres in 2020. That’s more than twice the previous record of acres burned in California. Yet it is about average … Read more