Should we really believe scientific facts will last forever when history is full of revolutions in thinking?

Astronomers once believed the sun revolved around the Earth. In the 19th century, scientists thought the shape of a person’s skull could reveal their mental strengths or weaknesses. And in the 20th century, many scientists fiercely opposed the idea that continents drift. All views that have since been completely overturned. So can we trust the … Read more

‘Alternative facts’ are cons, and can help quash them, new paper argues

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Journalists need not cover both sides of an argument when one side is advancing what experts widely regard as a con, Illinois Institute of Technology John and Mae Calamos Endowed Chair in Philosophy JD Trout argues in his latest publication. “The Epistemic Virtues of a Closed Mind: Effective Science Reporting in … Read more