Our finely-tuned Universe part III – Explanations for fine tuning – Explaining Science

As discussed in my previous two posts our Universe appears to be very finely tuned and is governed by four fundamental interactions. A relatively small increase or decrease in the strength of one of these interactions, such as making the force of gravity weaker or stronger, would make the emergence of life impossible. The four … Read more

Our finely-tuned Universe part II – Examples of fine tuning – Explaining Science

In a previous post I talked about the four forces which govern the way the Universe works. I’m now going to give some examples of fine tuning. How different our Universe would be if these four forces had very different relative strengths. But before I do this, it is worth giving a quick summary from … Read more

Physical mechanisms explaining DNA and RNA twist changes

Dr Dai and his team propose a unified mechanism to explain four scenarios: stretching can induce the increase and the decrease of DNA and RNA twists, depending on the situations of DNA and RNA. Credit: X.-W. Q., C. Z., and H.-L. D. et al. The double-helix structure of DNA is deformed by environmental stimuli, which … Read more

‘Pressure bumps’ in sun’s protoplanetary disk explaining many solar system features — ScienceDaily

Before the solar system had planets, the sun had rings — bands of dust and gas similar to Saturn’s rings — that likely played a role in Earth’s formation, according to a new study. “In the solar system, something happened to prevent the Earth from growing to become a much larger type of terrestrial planet … Read more

The end of the International Space Station? – Explaining Science

There have been stories in the news recently that NASA intend to deorbit the International Space Station (ISS) in 2031. They are largely based upon a recent NASA report outlining the future of the ISS. This report makes interesting reading and describes how NASA will transition away from the ISS towards commercial space stations (which … Read more

Effects of Large Satellite Constellations on Astronomy – Explaining Science

Many of you will have seen the images back in 2019 which showed long ‘trains’ composed of up to sixty SpaceX Starlink satellites crossing the sky in a straight line. These pictures hit the headlines not only because of the number of satellites, but because of their brightness. A ‘train’ of SpaceX Starlink satellites, the … Read more