NASA spacecraft on track for asteroid deflection experiment – ​​Spaceflight Now

Artist’s concept of the DART spacecraft, with its LICIACube ride along spacecraft, approaching asteroids Didymos and Dimorphos. Credit: NASA A NASA spacecraft is aiming to slam into a stadium-size asteroid at more than 14,000 mph Monday in a planetary defense experiment to test a that could be used in the future to divert threatening asteroids … Read more

MOXIE experiment reliably produces oxygen on Mars

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain On the red and dusty surface of Mars, nearly 100 million miles from Earth, an instrument the size of a lunchbox is proving it can reliably do the work of a small tree. The MIT-led Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment, or MOXIE, has been successfully making oxygen from the Red … Read more

Fungal experiment to launch as Artemis I payload

A US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) experiment prepares to launch as part of NASA’s scheduled Artemis I mission to orbit the moon Aug. 29. The NRL experiment will use samples of fungi to investigate effects of the deep space radiation environment outside of Earth’s protective magnetosphere. Credit: US Navy illustration by Sarah Peterson An experiment … Read more

Experiment on YouTube reveals potential to ‘inoculate’ millions of users against misinformation

A screenshot from the Inoculation Science video explaining Emotional Language use in misinformation. Credit: Inoculation Science Short animations giving viewers a taste of the tactics behind misinformation can to inoculate people against harmful content on social media slot when help in YouTube’s advert online experiment, according to a major led by the University of Cambridge. … Read more

Three papers highlight results of record 1.3 megajoule yield experiment

Physical Review Letters and two in Physical Review E. This stylized image shows a cryogenic target used for these record-setting inertial fusion experiments. Credit: James Wickboldt/LLNL” width=”800″ height=”457″/> On the one-year anniversary of achieving a yield of more than 1.3 megajoules at LLNL’s National Ignition Facility, the scientific results of this record experiment have been … Read more

This Australian experiment is on the hunt for an elusive particle that could help unlock the mystery of dark matter

Credit: Shutterstock Australian scientists are making strides towards solving one of the greatest mysteries of the universe: the nature of invisible “dark matter.” The ORGAN Experiment, Australia’s first major dark matter detector, recently completed a search for a hypothetical particle called an axion—a popular candidate among theories that try to explain dark matter. ORGAN has … Read more

A thought experiment that reveals the flaws in our environment laws

Credit: Shutterstock Imagine this fictitious scenario. The federal environment minister announces government approval for a large-scale penguin farm near Alice Springs. It will produce 300,000 penguins each year for the high-end feather market in Europe. Penguin feathers are also, in this make-believe world, proven superconductors that could provide an alternative to lithium for renewable energy … Read more

NASA experiment suggests need to dig deep for evidence of life on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover took this selfie at a location nicknamed “Mary Anning” after a 19th century English paleontologist. Curiosity snagged three samples of drilled rock at this site on its way out of the Glen Torridon region, which scientists believe was a site where ancient conditions would have been favorable to supporting life, if … Read more

Nanoracks experiment poised to demonstrate metal cutting in orbit – Spaceflight Now

The Outpost Mars Demo-1 payload ready for launch on SpaceX’s Transporter 5 rideshare mission. Credit: Nanoracks Nanoracks will fly an experiment with a small articulating robot arm on SpaceX’s Transporter 5 rideshare mission this week to demonstrate metal cutting in orbit, a test lasting just minutes that could advance in-space manufacturing technology to help convert … Read more