Ministers back ESA’s bold ambitions for space with a record 17% rise

At the ESA Council at Ministerial level held in Paris on 22 and 23 November, government ministers representing ESA’s Member States, Associate States and Cooperating States resolved to together strengthen Europe’s space ambitions, ensuring a continuous concerted effort to serve European citizens. Ministers confirmed that Europe’s independent access to space is crucial to secure the … Read more

Mapping planet Earth for better positioning: ESA’s GENESIS mission

Applications 10/20 2022 17 views 0 likes ESA’s Navigation Directorate is planning a new satellite whose results will enable the generation of an updated global model of Earth – the International Terrestrial Reference Frame, employed for everything from land surveying to measuring sea level rise – with an accuracy down to 1 mm, while tracking … Read more

Data from ESA’s Gaia mission reveals our Sun’s future and past

On June 13, the third major data release from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Gaia mission revealed details about the past and future of our solar system’s star, the Sun, by using data collected by Gaia on stars of similar mass and composition to our Sun. Gaia is a star mapping mission and collects massive … Read more

Accelerators gear up at ESA’s Living Planet Symposium

Applications 05/24/2022 218 views 7 likes Global climate change is the single most challenging issue faced by humanity – affecting every region, continent and ocean on Earth. It fuels a range of other top-level challenges such as food security, migration, biodiversity loss, risks to human health and economic losses. This week, at ESA’s Living Planet … Read more

ESA’s Space Environment Report 2022

Safety & Security 04/22/2022 234 views 7 likes In brief Our planet is surrounded by spacecraft carrying out important work to study our changing climate, deliver global communication and navigation services and help us answer important scientific questions. But their orbits are churning with deadly fragments of the past – fast-moving pieces of defunct satellites … Read more