Air pollution can amplify negative effects of climate change, new study finds

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The impacts of air pollution on human health, farming, and agriculture differ drastically depending on where on the planet the pollutants are emitted, according to a new study that could potentially incentivize certain countries to cut climate-changing emissions. Led by the University of Texas at Austin and the University of California … Read more

Revealing spacecraft geometry effects on impact simulations for NASA’s DART mission

The same DART spacecraft impact can result in very different craters on Dimorphos depending on what the asteroid material is like. The crater on the left is the result if Dimorphos is composed of strong rocky material, while the much larger crater shown on the right could occur if the Dimorphos is made up of … Read more

‘Glass bubble’ nanocarrier boosts effects of combination therapy for pancreatic cancer

The nanocarrier’s hollow glass bubble (white, at left) is packed with irinotecan (green) and is covered by lipid layers (blue) that contain the immue-boosing drug 3M-052 (orange particles in close-up image on right). Credit: CNSI/UCLA Over the past 30 years, progress in early detection and treatment of cancer has helped reduce the overall death rate … Read more

Characteristics of older forests can buffer effects of climate change for some bird species

Global Change Biology (2022). DOI: 10.1111/gcb.16353″ width=”800″ height=”530″/> Study area map and photographs of typical vegetation in the study area. (a) Location of the study area, HJ Andrews Experimental Forest in Oregon. (b) Sampling locations (points; black circles) and altitudinal gradient of the watershed. (c) Vegetation height and stands with harvest history (yellow boundaries). (d) … Read more

Researcher studies the effects of online ‘sharenting’ and the risks facing children

New findings from a researcher at West Virginia University may have parents thinking twice before they post photos of their children on social media. Not only does it raise questions about consent and privacy, but it also leaves children vulnerable to online predators, the determined researcher. Credit: (WVU Photo/Jennifer Shephard) With back-to-school season in full … Read more

Particles from everyday wall paints can harm living organisms, but a novel membrane shows high filtering effects

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (2022). DOI: 10.1016/j.ecoenv.2022.113877″ width=”800″ height=”434″/> Credit: Ann-Kathrin Müller et al, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (2022). DOI: 10.1016/j.ecoenv.2022.113877 Dispersion paints are mostly used in households for painting walls and ceilings. An interdisciplinary research team from the University of Bayreuth has now analyzed the chemical composition of two typical dispersion paints and discovered … Read more

Stampede2 supercomputer simulates star seeding, heating effects of primordial black holes

Supercomputer simulations have probed primordial black holes and their effects on the formation of the first stars in the universe. Black holes can help stars form by seeding structures to form around them through their immense gravity. They also hinder star formation by heating the gas that falls into them. XSEDE-allocated Stampede2 simulations show these … Read more

The persistent effects of colonialism in Caribbean science

Asphalt seeps, like this one being inspected by lead author Ryan Mohammed on the island of Trinidad, hold countless fossils of now extinct animals that once roamed through parts of the Caribbean. Credit: Alexis Mychajliw Prior to the First World War, sprawling European empires collectively controlled roughly 80% of Earth’s landmass. Following WWII, that percentage … Read more

Nonlethal parasites reduce how much their wild hosts eat, leading to ecosystem effects

S), fecundity (αF), and resource intake (αI ) of herbivorous hosts affect the population (biomass) dynamics of parasites, free-living parasite propagules, hosts, and producers. Arrows indicate fluxes between compartments, and rates written next to arrows are per capita of the compartment where the arrow begins. Dashed lines indicate life-cycle transitions for the parasite. Credit: Proceedings … Read more

Mapping the effects of mutations in antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2022). DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2121768119″ width=”800″ height=”530″/> Experimental design and determined MIC and growth rates. (A) Overview of experimental workflow. Mutants of S. pneumoniae D39 strain encoding gyrA (gx, yellow), parC (py, light blue), or double gyrA::parC (gxpy, red) alleles that confer FQ resistance were generated via transformation followed by … Read more