November full moon 2022: Full Beaver Blood Moon gets a total lunar eclipse

November’s full “Beaver Moon” will occur on Nov. 8 and will undergo a total lunar eclipse. The total phase will be visible on almost the entire night side of Earth, from the eastern eastern half of Russia and Kazakhstan China and India to North America and the western half of South America. The moon becomes … Read more

The 1st ever Election Day Blood Moon lunar eclipse coming Nov. 8

Early on Election Day morning, early risers will have an opportunity to observe the November Beaver Moon undergo a total eclipse. This will be the fourth and final lunar eclipse that has interestingly come at half-year intervals starting from May of last year on through this year. Three of these eclipses in this series are … Read more

Super Flower Blood Moon of 2022, longest total lunar eclipse in 33 years, wows stargazers

The moon turned an eerie blood-red color in a total lunar eclipse overnight Sunday (May 15) that was visible to potentially millions of stargazers across four continents. The lunar eclipse, celebrated as the Super Flower Blood Moon, was the longest total lunar eclipse in 33 years, according to’s skywatching columnist Joe Rao. It was … Read more

Want to see the Super Flower Blood Moon? Here’s one scientist’s tips for the total lunar eclipse.

A lunar scientist shared the science behind why the Super Flower Blood Moon lunar eclipse turns red, and what to expect for the epic sky event. On Sunday (May 15), the moon will pass into the deep umbral shadow of the Earth in a band of visibility across the Americas, Antarctica, Europe, Africa and the … Read more

Our Complete Guide to This Weekend’s Total Lunar Eclipse

Don’t miss one of the top astronomical events for 2022: Sunday night’s total lunar eclipse. The first eclipse season of 2022 reaches its climax this coming weekend, with a fine total lunar eclipse transpiring on Sunday night into Monday morning. All of South America and most of North America will see the eclipse in its … Read more