Deepest scientific ocean drilling sheds light on Japan’s next great earthquake

The deep sea scientific drilling vessel Chikyu, which in 2018 performed the deepest drilling of a subduction zone earthquake fault. Credit: Satoshi Kaya/FlickR Scientists who drilled deeper into an undersea earthquake fault than ever before have found that the tectonic stress in Japan’s Nankai subduction zone is less than expected, according to a study from … Read more

Cracking the secrets to earthquake safety, one shake simulation at a time

The Soil Box System, pictured during the assembly phase. Credit: Eric Marks/UNR To make sure our buildings and infrastructure are earthquake-safe, we must understand how seismic activity affects different structures. Miniature models and historical observations are helpful, but they only scratch the surface of understanding and quantifying a geological event as powerful and far-reaching as … Read more

New earthquake assessments strengthen preparation in Europe

Earthquake risk describes the estimated economic and humanitarian consequences of potential earthquakes. Credit: EFEHR During the 20th century, earthquakes in Europe accounted for more than 200,000 deaths and over 250 billion Euros in losses. Comprehensive earthquake hazard and risk assessments are crucial to reducing the effects of catastrophic earthquakes because earthquakes cannot be prevented nor … Read more