Artemis Astronauts Could Rely on Solar Cells Made out of Moon Dust

Within the next decade, several space agencies and commercial space partners will send crewed missions to the Moon. Unlike the “footprints and flags” missions of the Apollo Era, these missions are aimed at creating a “sustained program of lunar exploration.” In other words, we’re going back to the Moon with the intent to stay, which … Read more

NASA’s new mineral dust detector readies for launch

As depicted in this illustration, NASA’s EMIT will be attached to Express Logistics Carrier 1, a platform on the International Space Station that supports external science instruments. The mission will help scientists better understand the role of airborne dust in heating and cooling the atmosphere. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Each year, strong winds carry more than a … Read more

Cosmic ‘dust’ from supernovae hints at how stars are born

Left figure: Mosaicked images of SOFIA (154 microns in red), Herschel (70 microns in green), and Spitzer (24 microns in blue). Right figure: The magnetic field flows are on the SOFIA far-infrared (154micon) image. Credit: SETI Institute New research detected strong polarization from a young supernova remnant. It provided independent and solid evidence that the … Read more

Astronomy team finds evidence of galactic metal shrouded in dust

NASA’s SOFIA airborne observatory enabled a UCI-led team of astronomers to study infrared emissions from five nearby galaxies. The researchers found more metal than expected in the intergalactic medium, a result that would have been difficult to achieve without the power of viewing infrared radiation through thick galactic dust. Credit: Jim Ross / NASA A … Read more

Ultrafine atmospheric dust from exhaust gases of fossil fuels might cause weather extremes

Scientific Reports (2022). DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-11500-5″ width=”800″ height=”456″/> Comparison of primary Aitken mode particle plumes from power stations over northern Germany according to the German weather forecast model COSMO Art based on measured emissions (A) and on Y2000 (AeroCom, based on emissions (B) for southeasterly winds. The model was run for November conditions to suppress … Read more

Oil and gas brine ‘no better’ at researchers controlling dust than rainwater, find

Pictured here, the laboratory rainfall-runoff experiments were conducted on a roadbed test frame with a discharge chute to capture runoff. Credit: Bill Burgos/Penn State Spreading wastewater, or brine, from conventional oil and gas wells on unpaved roads is a longstanding practice for suppressing dust, which can become a breathing and hazard visibility during warmer months. … Read more

Mars dust storm mysteries remain as scientists study the Red Planet

As Mars approaches its southern summer solstice, scientists and spacecraft are preparing for a new season of dust storms, mighty wind-driven clouds of dust that can cover thousands of square miles or even the entire planet. To learn more about what drives dust storms on spoke with Claire Newman, an atmospheric scientist at Aeolis … Read more

3D reconstruction reveals star formation activities of two dust clouds

The shape of the California and Orion A Clouds from two different perspectives at a spatial resolution of 15 light-years. The colors indicate density, with red colors representing higher values. The images are based on the 3D reconstruction by Sara Rezaei Khoshbakht and Jouni Kainulainen. Credit: Rezaei Khoshbakht & Kainulainen (2022) / MPIA Using tens … Read more