Study finds potentially dangerous levels of arsenic in California prison drinking water

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Ten years after the state of California recognized the human right to water, hundreds of thousands of residents still rely on drinking water that contains dangerous levels of contaminants, including the highly toxic mineral arsenic. Many of them live in low-income and rural communities that struggle to afford the necessary infrastructure … Read more

Climate change is affecting drinking water quality

The Rappbode reservoir in the Harz region is surrounded by forests and is the largest drinking water reservoir in Germany. Credit: André Künzelmann/UFZ Heat waves, drought, floods, forest fires—the consequences of climate change are increasing and are changing our environment. A prime example is the countryside in the catchment area for the Rappbode reservoir in … Read more

Researchers develop new technique to keep drinking water safe using machine learning

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Waterborne illness is one of the leading causes of infectious disease outbreaks in refugee and internally displaced persons (IDP) settlements, but a team led by York University has developed a new technique to keep drinking water safe using machine learning, and it could be a game changer. The research is published … Read more

Has lowering the drinking age caused more crime? Despite ongoing concern, the evidence isn’t clear cut

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain It’s fair to say that drinking alcohol is popular among Kiwis, to the point of potential harm. According to the latest New Zealand Health Survey, one in five adults—or 824,000 people—have an established drinking pattern that “carries a high risk of future damage to physical or mental health.” In 2016, data … Read more

Climate change is pushing toxic chemicals into drinking wells

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Don Myron is probably best known as the guy who survived one of the deadliest fires in Oregon’s history by sheltering overnight in a river with a patio chair. So there was never any question that Myron would rebuild his home in Oregon’s Santiam Canyon after the house was destroyed in … Read more

Key findings about potential drinking water contamination

Select cities and their source watersheds show a diversity of land use and potential contamination across the United States. Credit: Sean Turner / Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Every day, people across the United States turn on their faucets for a glass of drinking water, but ever few think about where their water originates. For the … Read more