Concise synthesis of developed pleurotin

A photoredox radical epimerization generates the tetracyclic skeleton of pleurotin. Credit: The Sorensen Lab From the perspective of chemists, pleurotin is an intriguing molecule. There is strong evidence of untapped therapeutic properties as a tumor inhibitor and antibiotic. It has a fascinating complex structure (six rings! eight stereocenters!). And it has been difficult to synthesize … Read more

Above-ground microbial communities that quell plant diseases can be developed

CC 1.0” width=”386″ height=”530″/> A tomato plant leaf infected with bacterial speck, the disease caused by P. syringae pv. tomato DC3000. Credit: Alan Collmer, Cornell University/Wikimedia Commons, CC 1.0 Microbial communities naturally living on the leaves and stems of tomato plants can be manipulated to suppress diseases that reduce productivity, according to Penn State researchers, … Read more

Board game developed by scientists is winning plaudits for inspiring students to consider STEM careers

Diamond: The Game. Credit: Diamond Light Source Ltd A team of scientists and a games specialist have designed “Diamond: The Game,” a board game developed to give secondary school students a chance to explore a broad range of STEM scientific careers and subjects. This is achieved through firsthand experience of the different aspects of working … Read more