Researchers design compact high-power laser using plasma optics

The L3 HAPLS at ELI Beamlines Research Center in the Czech Republic. Credit: ELI Beamlines. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have designed a compact multi-petawatt laser that uses plasma transmission gratings to overcome the power limitations of conventional solid-state optical gratings. The design could enable construction of an ultrafast laser up to 1,000 times … Read more

New device design brings unparalleled confidence to cell measurements

The cytometer chip is approximately 25 mm wide and 50 mm long (about 1 x 2 inches). The two bright blue spots are the points where the particles in the fluid are illuminated by laser light. Two fluorescence output signals from each point are carried off by fiber connections at right. There are five inputs … Read more

Upside-down design expands wide-spectrum super-camera abilities

A new upside-down fabrication method for light-manipulating metamaterials envelops nanoparticles with a transparent spacing layer followed by a coating of metal. The way the metal coating envelops part of the nanoparticle while maintaining tight, nanometer tolerances allows for a much larger design space than was previously possible. Credit: Jon Stewart, Duke University By turning a … Read more

A new design of sustainable cropping diversifications

Credit: Jeroen CJ Groot, Xiaolin Yang Cropping systems are one of the most important components in the crop production system, which is intensified to feed a growing global population. Previous studies focused on high yield with less attention to production of nutrients and vitamins for human diet. Since the Green Revolution, a winter wheat-summer maize … Read more

New protein structures to aid rational drug design

Artistic rendering of a protein kinase C C1 domain (copper), its ligand diacylglycerol (blue), and detergent (cyan). Credit: Sachin Katti. In a major advance for rational drug design, a Texas A&M AgriLife team has described several protein structures of a crucial player in cellular processes. The advance could bring new ideas for treatments of diseases … Read more

Engineers Design an Electrical Microgrid for a Lunar Base

For seventy years, Albuquerque-based Sandia National Laboratories has been developing electrical microgrids that increase community resilience and ensure energy security. Applications include the Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security (SPIDERS), designed to support military bases abroad, and independent power systems for hospitals and regions where electrical grids are at risk of being … Read more

Researchers experimenting with new ways to design nanoparticle treatments for cancer

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain When you hear the word “nanomedicine,” it might call to mind scenarios like those in the 1966 movie “Fantastic Voyage.” The film portrays a medical team shrunken down to ride a microscopic robotic ship through a man’s body to clear a blood clot in his brain. Nanomedicine has not reached that … Read more

A new technique to delete single atoms can speed up molecule design

Asst. Prof. Mark Levin (left) and Ph.D. student Jisoo Woo at work in the laboratory at the University of Chicago. Credit: Jason Thome Every time a new cancer drug is announced, it represents hundreds of researchers spending years behind the scenes working to design and test a new molecule. The drug has to be not … Read more

Bat box design and placement matter for energy balance in endangered bats

The research team with newly installed rocket boxes. Pictured, left to right: Joy O’Keefe, Francis Tillman, Reed Crawford, Luke Dodd, and Evan Moser. Credit: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Imagine if you had to catch every bite of your dinner with your mouth, while flying, in the dark. You’d be exhausted, and probably pretty hungry. … Read more

5.5 – Manifestation is the emergence of the divine Design – TPS – English

On December 21st started the sixth septennium of this Plan, which our conscience was able to identify, as a declination of the divine Plan on Earth. We have resounded the overall song of what will be celebrated during this extraordinary year, the impulse of the beginning of a seven-year period that was born under the … Read more