Complex modeling by researchers predicts wildfires may decline, eventually

A photo taken of the Big Wood River Basin adjacent to the study site. Credit: Erin Hanan, University of Nevada, Reno Researchers attempting to help predict how the wildfire hazard will change due to various factors over the next several decades have some good news, and some bad news. Good news is, wildfire occurrence and … Read more

Maryland to restrict crabbing in response to the ‘worrisome’ population decline

Credit: CC0 Public Domain This summer Maryland will impose new restrictions on crabbing in the Chesapeake Bay—including the first-ever limits on how many bushels of male blue crabs watermen can haul each day—in response to a troubling decline in the population of the beloved crustaceans. Regulations issued this week, to be in effect starting in … Read more

Diatoms are under threat of decline due to ocean acidification, study shows

4 (zonally averaged for the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean), including a depiction of the OA-driven downward transport of Si and its trapping in the deep ocean. AABW, Antarctic bottom water; AAIW, Antarctic intermediate water; CDW, circumpolar deep water; NADW, North Atlantic deep water; NPDW, North Pacific deep water; SAMW, sub-Antarctic mode water. b, OA effect … Read more