No sighting in northern Philippines of Chinese rocket debris

In this handout photo provided by the Philippine Coast Guard, rescuers recover debris, which the Philippine Space Agency said has markings of the Long March 5B (CZ-5B) Chinese rocket that was launched on July 24, after it was found in waters off Mamburao , Occidental Mindoro province, Philippines, on Aug. 2, 2022. In July, the … Read more

Space debris is coming down more frequently. What are the chances it could hit someone or damage property?

A piece of presumed space debris sits upright in a field in Australia. (Image credit: Brad Tucker, author provided) This article was originally published at The Conversation. (opens in new tab) The contributed the article to’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. Fabian Zander (opens in new tab)Senior Research Fellow in Aerospace Engineering, University of … Read more

Researchers track movement of charred detritus dispersed from Goleta Beach after 2018 debris flow in California

Mud and silt containing charred material and terrestrial plant matter was deposited on Goleta Beach shortly after the 2018 Montecito debris flow disaster. Credit: HE Lowman et al The catastrophic debris flow that affected Montecito, Calif., in early January, 2018 was the result of a rare confluence of severe events. The Thomas Fire had been … Read more

Engineers Build a gun That can Fire Projectiles at 10 km/s, Simulating High-Speed ​​Space Debris Impacts

According to the ESA’s Space Debris Office (SDO), there are about 31,630 debris objects in orbit that are regularly tracked by space surveillance networks. However, this only accounts for the larger objects and doesn’t include the (literally) millions of tiny bits of “space junk” that pollute Low Earth Orbit (LEO). According to the SDO, this … Read more

Scientists on the hunt for planetary formation fossils reveal unexpected eccentricities in nearby debris disk

Artist’s impression of the billion-year-old Sun-like star, HD 53143, and its highly eccentric debris disk. The star and a second inner disk are shown near the southern foci of the elliptical debris disk. A planet, which scientists assume is shaping the disk through gravitational force, is shown to the north. Debris disks are the fossils … Read more