Cut and stretch assay reveals resistance genes

Scientific Reports (2022). DOI: 10.1038/s41598-022-13315-w” width=”800″ height=”530″/> Experimental workflow. (a) Cas9-gRNA is added to the plasmid sample. If the AMR gene is present, Cas9 makes a double-stranded excision, resulting in plasmid linearization. (b) Glass coverslips are functionalized with a mixture of silanes with amine and vinyl terminal groups. DNA molecules are stained with YOYO-1 and … Read more

Has lowering the drinking age caused more crime? Despite ongoing concern, the evidence isn’t clear cut

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain It’s fair to say that drinking alcohol is popular among Kiwis, to the point of potential harm. According to the latest New Zealand Health Survey, one in five adults—or 824,000 people—have an established drinking pattern that “carries a high risk of future damage to physical or mental health.” In 2016, data … Read more

California lays out plan to drastically cut fossil fuel use

This aerial photo shows the Standard Oil Refinery in El Segundo, Calif., with Los Angeles International Airport in the background and the El Porto neighborhood of Manhattan Beach, Calif., in the foreground on May 25, 2017. A plan released by the California Air Resources Board on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, recommends a majority of the … Read more

New control electronics for quantum computers that improve performance, cut costs

Gustavo Cancelo led a team of Fermilab engineers to create a new compact electronics board: It has the capabilities of an entire rack of equipment that is compatible with many designs of superconducting qubits at a fraction of the cost. Credit: Ryan Postel, Fermilab When designing a next-generation quantum computer, a surprisingly large problem is … Read more

Adding high-flavonoid corn to broiler chickens’ diet may cut intestinal disease

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of flavonoids play a key role in the control of disease. The researchers suggest that high-flavonoid corn may serve as an effective alternative for improving health and performance in the absence of antimicrobials in chickens. Credit: Gino Lorenzoni/Penn State The inclusion of a high-flavonoid corn, developed by a Penn State … Read more