NASA’s SpaceX Crew-5 astronauts ready for a historic mission

SpaceX’s next Crew Dragon astronaut launch for NASA will see a new country represented in one of the sleek white spacesuits. Russia’s Anna Kikina will take a seat on SpaceX with two American astronauts and a Japanese astronaut on the mission. The foursome will fly to the International Space Station (ISS) no earlier than Oct. … Read more

SpaceX addressing Falcon 9 damage ahead of Crew-5 astronaut launch

A Falcon 9 rocket colliding with a bridge was responsible for the damage that delayed SpaceX’s next human launch. The Falcon 9 first stage was damaged during transport, a SpaceX representative told reportersA during a briefing today (ug. 4). The briefing topic was SpaceX’s delayed Crew-5 mission, which is now slated to fly four individuals … Read more