The 3 biggest constellations will be on full display this June. Here’s how to see them.

The large constellations Hydra, Virgo and Ursa Major as seen in the sky of New York approaching 10 pm local time on June 7, 2022. (Image credit: Starry Night) June presents a perfect opportunity to spot the three biggest constellations in the sky — Hydra, Virgo and Ursa Major — but you may have to … Read more

Effects of Large Satellite Constellations on Astronomy – Explaining Science

Many of you will have seen the images back in 2019 which showed long ‘trains’ composed of up to sixty SpaceX Starlink satellites crossing the sky in a straight line. These pictures hit the headlines not only because of the number of satellites, but because of their brightness. A ‘train’ of SpaceX Starlink satellites, the … Read more