Training programs for community supervision benefit probation officers and their clients

Traditional forms of community supervision that focus on control and punishment have failed to improve client outcomes. In response, training programs for probation officers have been developed to better incorporate more rehabilitation-focused strategies into community corrections practices. In a new meta-analysis, researchers assessed the impact of these programs on various outcomes for probation officers and … Read more

Rising seas are trouble for Charleston’s booming community. This method may prevent disaster

Credit: CC0 Public Domain In Charleston, a place where street lines blur with sunny day tidal flooding and major storms dump enough water on downtown that one can kayak the deluge, Dale Morris is right at home. After all, water—its function, resource and the very element that threatens to sink the historic city—is what made … Read more

Tadpoles for dinner? Indigenous community in Mexico reveals a favorite recipe for a particular frog

Credit: Edna González-Bernal Stone soup (caldo de piedra) is a traditional meal from the Indigenous Chinantla region in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Prepared by men, it is made by placing tomato, cilantro, chili peppers, onion, raw fish, salt, and water in a jicara (a bowl made from the fruit of the calabash tree) in … Read more

Prison must not be ‘default option’ to cover up lack of support in care system and community

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Girls and women who have been through the care system should be diverted away from custodial sentences wherever possible alternatives, says a new report published today. And, adds the study, moves to prevent the criminalization of girls in care need to be high on the agenda for change. “Disrupting the Routes … Read more

New study examines ethics of community-engaged research from the perspective of community partners

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain In recent years, there’s been rapid growth in the field of community-engaged research, a model of knowledge production that universities with community organizations to co-develop research in response to local needs. In theory, this model can advance the service mission of public universities. But there’s been little follow-up research to assess … Read more