‘Glass bubble’ nanocarrier boosts effects of combination therapy for pancreatic cancer

The nanocarrier’s hollow glass bubble (white, at left) is packed with irinotecan (green) and is covered by lipid layers (blue) that contain the immue-boosing drug 3M-052 (orange particles in close-up image on right). Credit: CNSI/UCLA Over the past 30 years, progress in early detection and treatment of cancer has helped reduce the overall death rate … Read more

Researchers create nanoparticle-vaccine combination to target melanoma

Pharmaceutical scientists at the University of Iowa have found that a charged nanoparticle-vaccine combination eliminated tumors or extended life span in mice with melanoma tumors. The image shows a melanoma tumor, with blood and lymphatic vessels. The magnified portion shows how the charged nanoparticles stimulate immune cells to locate and fight the tumor. Credit: Aliasger … Read more