Search for clues may explain collapse of ancient city in Mexico

Feben Ruscitti, a senior majoring in anthropology and classical studies, and Serena Webster, a graduate student in anthropology, sift through dirt to recover any missed artifacts from the excavation site in Mexico, July 2022. Credit: Andrew Somerville/Iowa State University Built more than a thousand years before the Aztec arrived in central Mexico, Teotihuacan was once … Read more

Geologists mapped how metal pollutants have traveled across the city

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Pittsburgh’s steel industry may be largely in the past, but its legacy lives on in city soils. New research led by Pitt geologists shows how historical coking and smelting dropped toxic metals in Pittsburgh’s soil, particularly in the eastern half of the city. “I don’t think people need to be scared, … Read more

Taps have run dry in a major Mexico city for months. A similar water crisis looms in the US, experts say

Credit: CC0 Public Domain About 300 miles southwest of San Antonio, water taps have run dry in a major Mexico city. Thousands of residents wake up at dawn to check their taps and fill up containers. Others line up with large jugs, bottles and buckets at cisterns around the city, where fights have broken out … Read more

New Pompeii finds highlight middle-class life in doomed city

A picture provide by the Pompeii Archeological site press office, showing the latest discoveries in the ancient city of Pompeii which is enriching knowledge about the everyday lives of middle-class households. The director of the archaeological site, Gabriel Zuchtriegel, said on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2022, that excavations of rooms in a home first unearthed in … Read more

Urban heat islands are why it can feel 20 degrees hotter in different parts of the same city

by Ashley R. Williams Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Does it feel sweltering in your neighborhood, yet pleasant at the park a few blocks away? You might be living on an urban heat island. The effect happens when neighborhoods in highly developed cities like New York and New Orleans become 15 to 20 degrees hotter by … Read more

How drought destabilized the last major precolonial Mayan city

Archaeologists have been investigating the site of Mayapán since the 1950s. Credit: Bradley Russell, Author provided The city of Mayapán was the largest Mayan city from approximately 1200 to 1450 AD. It was an important political, economic and religious center, and the capital of a large state that controlled much of northwestern Yucatan in present … Read more

ESA – City heat extremes

Applications 07/06/2022 1131 views 16 likes With air temperatures in excess of 10°C above the average for the time of year in parts of Europe, the United States and Asia, June 2022 has gone down as a record breaker. The fear is that these extreme early-season heatwaves are a taste of what could soon be … Read more