Chinese crew back on Earth after six months on Tiangong space station – Spaceflight Now

From left to right: Commander Chen Dong, astronaut Liu Yang, and astronaut Cai Xuzhe after landing on the Shenzhou 14 spacecraft. Credit: China Manned Space Agency Three Chinese astronauts landed Sunday after 182 days on China’s Tiangong space station, completing the busiest mission yet for the country’s human spaceflight programme. The astronauts performed three spacewalks … Read more

Chinese astronauts meet in space for historic crew handover – Spaceflight Now

On the left: Shenzhou 14 astronauts Cai Xuzhe, Chen Dong, and Liu Yang on the Tiangong space station. On the right: Shenzhou 15 astronauts Deng Qingming, Fei Junlong, and Zhang Lu. The launch of the Shenzhou 15 crew marked the first time six Chinese astronauts had been in orbit at the same time. Credit: China … Read more

Three Chinese astronauts ready for flight to Tiangong space station – Spaceflight Now

Chinese astronauts Deng Qingming, Fei Junlong, and Zhang Lu (left to right) undergo training before launch on the Shenzhou 15 mission. Credit: China Manned Space Agency Three Chinese astronauts will strap into a Shenzhou spacecraft and rocket into orbit Tuesday in pursuit of China’s Tiangong space station on a six-month mission to transition the space … Read more

Chinese Companies are Planning to Offer Space Tourism Flights by 2025

One of the more famous features of Space Age 2.0 is the rise of the commercial space industry, also known as “NewSpace.” While the space agencies of the world plan to send astronauts back to the Moon (this time, to stay), crewed missions to Mars, and robotic missions to every corner of the Solar System, … Read more

No sighting in northern Philippines of Chinese rocket debris

In this handout photo provided by the Philippine Coast Guard, rescuers recover debris, which the Philippine Space Agency said has markings of the Long March 5B (CZ-5B) Chinese rocket that was launched on July 24, after it was found in waters off Mamburao , Occidental Mindoro province, Philippines, on Aug. 2, 2022. In July, the … Read more

Large Chinese missile booster expected to fall back to Earth today – Spaceflight Now

This map shows the ground track of the Long March 5B core stage during the two-hour re-entry window as of Saturday morning. The re-entry and debris footprint could occur anywhere along the track. Credit: Aerospace Corp. The 22-ton core stage of a Chinese missile is expected to fall back to Earth some time Saturday, the … Read more

A 25-ton Chinese rocket booster will crash to Earth today. What’s the risk?

The core stage of a Chinese Long March 5B rocket is set to tumble uncontrollably back to Earth today in a reentry that China is tracking closely and has said poses little risk. The roughly 25-ton (23 metric tons) rocket stage, which launched on July 24 to deliver the Wentian laboratory cabin module to China’s … Read more

Chinese crew arrives at space station for six-month construction mission – Spaceflight Now

A Long March 2F rocket lifts off with the Shenzhou 14 mission at 10:44 pm EDT Saturday (0244 GMT Sunday). Credit: CASC China’s Shenzhou 14 spacecraft glided to an automated docking at the Tiangong space station Sunday, hours after launching with three astronauts to begin a six-month mission that will see the outpost triple in … Read more

Chinese astronauts prep for six-month space station construction flight – Spaceflight Now

A Chinese Long March 2F rocket with the Shenzhou 14 spacecraft rolled to the launch pad at the Jiuquan space center May 29. Credit: CASC Three Chinese military pilots are ready for launch Saturday on a Long March 2F rocket to begin a six-month expedition to help expand China’s space station in low Earth orbit, … Read more

Chinese scientists call for plan to destroy Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites

Chinese military researchers have called for the development of a “hard kill” weapon to destroy Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite system if it threatens China’s national security. The researchers drew attention to Starlink’s “huge potential for military applications” and the need for China to develop countermeasures to surveil, disable or even destroy the growing satellite megaconstellation. … Read more