New study allows scientists to test therapies for rare neurodegenerative disease affecting young children

In this image of a human STEM cell derived neuron, the Trk-fused gene protein (TFG) is shown in green and the Golgi Apparatus, the organelle which helps package proteins for transport to the rest of the body, is shown in red. Credit: University of Wisconsin-Madison For the first time, scientists will be able to test … Read more

Why parents shouldn’t be saddled with environmental guilt for having children

MJTH/Shutterstock” width=”800″ height=”394″/> The environmental cost of childbearing is central to climate ethics debates. Credit: MJTH/Shutterstock Whether residents of high-income countries are morally obliged to have fewer children is a growing debate in climate ethics. Due to the high anticipated carbon impact of future population growth, some climate ethicists express support for non-coercive population engineering … Read more

What teachers think of children and young people’s technology use

Credit: nimito/Shutterstock Mobile phones, computers, social media and the internet are part of the daily lives of children and young people, including at school. Concerns over the risks of too much screen time or online activity for children and young people have been tempered by the reality of technology use in education and leisure. The … Read more

Joint children may strengthen stepfamily ties to older parents

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Researchers have been concerned that as the makeup of America’s families grows more complex, adult children in stepfamilies may not be as willing as those in biological families to care for aging parents. But a research team led by faculty at University of Michigan have found that stepfamilies that share a … Read more

Black children with complex communication needs face instructional deficits

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Early childhood is a critical period for language development. For children with complex communication needs, support and training during this period of life can be essential for the development of effective communication skills. Unfortunately, the services that children need may not be available to everyone equally. New research led by Penn … Read more

New evidence shows planting around school playgrounds protects children from air pollution

Western red cedar leaves. Credit: Professor Barbara Maher Scientists have published new evidence showing that selective planting of vegetation between roads and playgrounds can substantially cut toxic traffic-derived air pollution reaching school children. The new findings, published this week in the journal Scientific Reportsdemonstrate that roadside vegetation can be designed, installed and maintained to achieve … Read more

Researcher studies the effects of online ‘sharenting’ and the risks facing children

New findings from a researcher at West Virginia University may have parents thinking twice before they post photos of their children on social media. Not only does it raise questions about consent and privacy, but it also leaves children vulnerable to online predators, the determined researcher. Credit: (WVU Photo/Jennifer Shephard) With back-to-school season in full … Read more

Children are bombarded with violence in the news. How to help them cope

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Over 100 mass shootings have taken place in the US since the rampage in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24, 2022. Not passed a single week in 2022 has without at least four mass shootings. With gun violence, war and other tragedies in the news, children are often exposed to scary images … Read more

Air pollution caused 2,780 deaths, illnesses, and IQ loss in children in Massachusetts in 2019

Environmental Health is the first to detail on a town-by-town basis the deaths and illnesses caused by air pollution in Massachusetts, and also outlines steps to curb fine particulate pollutants. Credit: Boston College” width=”792″ height=”530″/> Air pollution, climate change, and public health are closely linked, as a new study from Boston College researchers shows. The … Read more

Clashes of inference and perspective explain why children sometimes lose the plot in conversation

An example of the cards used in the experiment. The child could see all four cards, but had a conversation with a puppet manipulated by an adult, which could not ‘see’ the card top right. Thus, if the puppet asked for “the card with pears on”, the child had to grasp that they meant the … Read more