Many Next-Generation Telescopes are carried on Balloons. Here’s What the Next Decade Holds in Balloon Astronomy

NASA’s Balloon Program Analysis Group recently presented a roadmap to NASA, to guide them on how to plan and fund future balloon astronomy programs. Balloons have been used for over a century to conduct physics experiments, astronomical observations and Earth observing work, but remain relatively unknown to the general public. Balloon astronomy shares many advantages … Read more

Water Worlds Could Have Plumes of Nutrients Carried up From Down Below

Earth’s oceans are one huge, uniform electrolyte solution. They contain salt (sodium chloride) and other nutrients like magnesium, sulphate, and calcium. We can’t survive without electrolytes, and life on Earth might look very different without the oceans’ electrolyte content. It might even be non-existent. On Earth, electrolytes are released into the oceans from rock by … Read more