Study finds potentially dangerous levels of arsenic in California prison drinking water

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Ten years after the state of California recognized the human right to water, hundreds of thousands of residents still rely on drinking water that contains dangerous levels of contaminants, including the highly toxic mineral arsenic. Many of them live in low-income and rural communities that struggle to afford the necessary infrastructure … Read more

Consortium investigates new ways of reducing arsenic in copper concentrates

Raw copper smelting in a blast furnace. Credit: Fraunhofer IWKS As the world’s largest copper exporter, Chile is encountering a growing number of sulfur-based ore layers containing toxic arsenic in its copper mines. Conventional strategies for separating and landfilling arsenic are providing limited in this area. The German-Chilean project team, led on the German side … Read more

Adsorbent material filters toxic chromium, arsenic from water supplies

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory designed an adsorbent material to rapidly remove toxic chromium and arsenic simultaneously from water resources. Credit: Adam Malin/ORNL, US Dept. of Energy Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are tackling a global water challenge with a unique material designed to target not one, but two … Read more