WHO raises alarm on disease in flood-hit areas of Pakistan

Displaced families, who fled their flood-hit homes, jostle to get relief aid distributed by soldiers of Pakistan rangers, in Dera Allahyar, in Jaffarabad, a district of southwestern Balochistan province, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022. The floods affected over 33 million people and displaced over half a million people who are still living in tents and make-shift … Read more

Study shows potential of southern cattail for phytoremediation of areas contaminated by mine tailings

Phytoremediation involves the use of plants to extract and remove elemental pollutants or lower their bioavailability in soil. Credit: Amanda Duim Ferreira Typha domingensis, the Southern cattail, a reedy marsh plant that inhabits fresh to slightly brackish waters and is about 2.5 m tall, can scavenge up to 34 times more manganese from contaminated soil … Read more

Doctors and lawyers less likely to live in prosperous areas if from working class families, says research

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Doctors, lawyers, and senior managers from working class families are less likely to live in prosperous areas than their counterparts from well-off backgrounds, new research shows. Family background could mean the difference between living in economically mixed areas such as Portsmouth and well-heeled ones like Brentwood in Greater London, the study … Read more

Marine Protected Areas in Antarctica should include young emperor penguins, scientists say

Two juvenile emperor penguins before their first swim in Atka Bay, Antarctica. Both are equipped with an Argos platform that will transmit their locations daily and allow scientists to track their movement in the Southern Ocean during their first year at sea. Credit: Aymeric Houstin/ AWI-CSM-CNRS-FAU-WHOI Scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and … Read more

Researchers use AI to define priority areas for action to combat deforestation in the Amazon

A study using satellite imagery and machine learning techniques shows that many deforestation hotspots lie outside the 11 municipalities currently monitored by the Brazilian federal government. Credit: Agência Brasil Using a method based on satellite images and artificial intelligence, Brazilian researchers have shown that the priority area for actions to combat illegal deforestation could comprise … Read more

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter discovers thermally stable areas in surface pits suitable for future lunar bases

Using data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), a group of NASA-funded researchers have discovered that shaded locations inside surface pits on the lunar surface harbor comfortable temperatures that could prove useful for future lunar exploration. Furthermore, LRO continues to operate in a healthy state around the Moon and is regularly returning data, so much … Read more

New global map of ant biodiversity reveals areas that may hide undiscovered species

An ant (species: Ectatomma tuberculatum) photographed in Costa Rica. Ants make up a large fraction of the total animal biomass in most terrestrial ecosystems, but researchers say that an understanding of their global diversity is lacking. This new study provides a high-resolution map that estimates and visualizes the global diversity of ants. Credit: Dr. Benoit … Read more

Wood heating pollutes the air in mountain areas more than previously applied

Mobile measurements—during the run in the village of Retje, Dinaric Alps, Slovenia. Credit: Kristina Glojek, University of Nova Gorica Around 30 million people in Europe live in mountain valleys. A large part of this population is more affected by air pollution than previously applied. This is the conclusion of a Slovenian-German research team from measurements … Read more

Rural areas will bear the brunt of US sea-level rise

Ghost forests—areas of trees recently killed by rising saltwater—are a clear sign of sea-level rise and marsh migration into rural land. Credit: Dr. Matt Kirwan/VIMS It’s hotly debated whether coastal wetlands can survive sea-level rise by migrating inland. A new analysis using highly detailed elevation maps of the Chesapeake Bay region shows that—contrary to previous … Read more

World’s protected natural areas are too small and isolated to benefit wildlife

Credit: SimonTheSorcerer / shutterstock The world’s governments will this year negotiate a series of targets in response to the global biodiversity crisis that has already led to a massive loss of the planet’s wildlife. While none of the previous round of targets agreed in 2010 have been met, the one that gained the most publicity, … Read more