Astronaut’s grandson partners on project to restore rare Apollo 15 ‘AstroVette’

A rare customized Corvette is set to receive a full restoration, 51 years after its one-time owner launched with the first car to be driven on the moon. Project AstroVette Endeavor (opens in new tab) aims to return a classic white coupe to its fresh-off-the-factory-lot 1971 condition, when it was one of three matching Corvettes … Read more

Apollo 11 vs. space tourism in 2022

This week we celebrate the anniversary of Apollo 11 and the first humans to step onto the moon. Meanwhile, as the federal space program that put them on the lunar surface dodders and sputters along, a new wave of humans are stepping out onto the space frontier, except this time they don’t work for the … Read more

RelaunchSpace reconstructs NASA flight plan for Apollo 11 moon landing

More than half a century since its pages served as humanity’s first roadmap to the moon, NASA’s Apollo 11 flight plan has been relaunched. More than a simple reprint, this new edition from RelaunchSpace (opens in new tab) has been reconstructed from the ground up so that it appears exactly as it did when it … Read more

The story behind Apollo 13 astronaut Jim Lovell’s medal of honor

Less than a month after “Apollo 13” opened in movie theaters in June 1995, then-President Bill Clinton met with mission commander Jim Lovell to present one of the highest awards an astronaut can receive — the Congressional Space Medal of Honor (opens in new tab). Joined in the Oval Office by former medal recipients Charles … Read more

Scientists begin studying 50-year-old frozen Apollo 17 samples

A frozen Apollo 17 sample being processed inside a nitrogen-purged glove box at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. The sample is one of many being studied as part of the ANGSA program. Credit: NASA/Robert Markowitz Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, recently received samples of the lunar surface that have … Read more