Marine Protected Areas in Antarctica should include young emperor penguins, scientists say

Two juvenile emperor penguins before their first swim in Atka Bay, Antarctica. Both are equipped with an Argos platform that will transmit their locations daily and allow scientists to track their movement in the Southern Ocean during their first year at sea. Credit: Aymeric Houstin/ AWI-CSM-CNRS-FAU-WHOI Scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and … Read more

Team provides novel baseline data on leopard seals, mysterious apex predators of Antarctica

“Begonia” the largest leopard seal ever recorded by Baylor marine biologist, Sarah Kienle and her research team. Credit: Baylor University Baylor University marine biologist Sarah Kienle, Ph.D., has always been fascinated by leopard seals. These prehistoric, reptilian-looking seals are often portrayed as scary villains in movies such as “Happy Feet” and “Eight Below,” but little … Read more

Scientists discover a vast, salty groundwater system under the Antarctica ice sheet

A new discovery deep beneath one of Antarctica’s rivers of ice could change scientists’ understanding of how the ice flows, with important implications for estimating future sea level rise. Glacier scientists Matthew Siegfried from Colorado School of Mines, Chloe Gustafson from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and their colleagues spent 61 days living in tents on … Read more