How ‘Andor’ sound and effects wizards created a gritty ‘Star Wars’

The turbulent season finale of “Andorcame and went and we’re still basking in the afterglow of this sensational 12-episode “Star Wars” series on Disney+. Using a minimalist style that operates within the “less is more” arena of filmmaking, creator and showrunner Tony Gilroy have accomplished a Herculean task of conjuring fresh magic within the “Star … Read more

‘Andor’ concludes an epic first season with a slightly confusing finale

Here we go then, the season one finale of “Andor” on Disney Plus (opens in new tab)what has unquestionably been one of the best offerings from the “Star Wars” universe, in both film and television, ever since Disney paid George Lucas $4.05 billion for the intellectual property in 2012. (Incidentally, half of that was in … Read more

The ‘Andor’ penultimate Season 1 episode reminds us that there are many threads in the fabric of this story

Following the conclusion of the jailbreak set piece in episode 10, we are once again reminded of the other, equally important elements that make up the “Andor” story of the origins of the Rebel Alliance. And boy did that jailbreak get our hearts pounding, but with just two episodes left, including this one, it’s difficult … Read more

‘Andor’ costume designer Michael Wilkinson talks Star Wars chic

With “Andor’s” mature, sophisticated take on the “Star Wars” universe, writer/creator Tony Gilroy (“The Bourne Franchise”) has elevated the storied franchise to new levels of engagement in its first season now coming to an end this week on Disney+. As a 12-episode prequel to 2016’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” chronicling the early days … Read more

Andor goes full ‘Papillon’ this week in episode 10 ‘One Way Out’

With just two episodes left in “Andor” on Disney Plus (opens in new tab) (after this one), our minds are raging torrents, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative possibilities as to where the first season will leave us. What perilous, anxiety-inducing cliffhanger does creator Tony Gilroy deem fit to leave … Read more

‘Andor’ continues to be bold and beautiful with episode 7

“Andor” continues to prove why it’s among the best “Star Wars” stories to date. Naturally, after last week’s daring raid on the Aldhani Imperial base, there was going to be some fallout, and that’s exactly what this bold and beautiful episode, entitled “Announcement” focuses on. We must remind ourselves that at this point in the … Read more

‘Andor’ episode 6 dials up the tension with a heart-pounding space heist

The raid on the Imperial base on Aldhani was very much front and center in this week’s episode. While the other story threads weren’t forgotten, for the sake of maintaining the suspense, they were shown towards the end of this installment and will almost certainly have their turn in the spotlight sometime very soon. After … Read more

‘Andor’ episode 5 lays groundwork for rebels’ action-packed heist

Andor continues to show that there are plenty of surprises left in the “Star Wars” franchise. What’s almost Equally as interesting as watching this show, is watching the very mixed responses it’s getting. Curiously enough, the patient, methodical, slow-fuse burn doesn’t appeal to everyone. And that’s perfectly fine: a vintage 1869 Chateau Lafite wine might … Read more

‘Andor’ episode 4 soars as we meet the Rebels of ‘Star Wars’

The question of whether or not the next episode of “Andor” would maintain the high standard the show set for itself has been answered, and that answer is a resounding “yes.” The first three episodes, all released at once last week established an impressively high benchmark for this latest “Star Wars” live-action spin-off and … … Read more

‘Andor’ is an intelligent, enthralling sci-fi that should make other studios take note

The new live-action “Star Wars” spin-off, limited series “Andor (opens in new tab)” is finally upon us, with the first three episodes now available to watch on Disney Plus (opens in new tab). And it has certainly got folk talking, not only enthusiastically chatting about how good the show looks, both in terms of production … Read more