Statistical analysis aims to solve Greek volcano mystery

The Greek island of Santorini, traditionally known as Thera, experienced one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the Holocene epoch, most likely between 1609 and 1560 BCE, according to a new analysis by Sturt Manning, Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences in Classical Archaeology. Credit: Sturt W. Manning One of the largest volcanic eruptions in … Read more

Genomic analysis reveals true origin of South America’s canids

A pack of bush dogs crosses a stream. Credit: Diego Torres/Napo Wildlife Center Ecolodge South America has more canid species than any place on Earth, and a surprising new UCLA-led genomic analysis shows that all these doglike animals evolved from a single species that entered the continent just 3.5 million to 4 million years ago. … Read more

Rising seas fueled by climate change to swamp $34B in US real estate in just 30 years, analysis finds

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Higher high tides, supercharged by rising sea levels, could flood all or parts of an estimated $34 billion worth of real estate along the nation’s coasts within just 30 years, a new report concludes. Within the span of a 30-year mortgage, as many as 64,000 buildings and roughly 637,000 properties along … Read more

Global analysis identifies at-risk forests

Wildfire at Lick Creek, Umatilla National Forest, Oregon, United States. Credit: Brendan O’Reilly/US Forest Service Forests are engaged in a delicate, deadly dance with climate change, sucking carbon dioxide out of the air with billions of leafy straws and hosting abundant biodiversity, as long as climate change, with its droughts, wildfires and ecosystem shifts, doesn’t … Read more

UM analysis challenges US Postal Service electric vehicle environmental study

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain The Inflation Reduction Act signed into law by President Biden this month contains $3 billion to help the US Postal Service decarbonize its mail-delivery fleet and shift to electric vehicles. On the heels of the Aug. 16 bill-signing ceremony at the White House, a new University of Michigan study finds that … Read more

DNA analysis shows Griffin Warrior ruled his Greek homeland

A forensic reconstruction by Lynne Schepartz and Tobias Houlton imagines what the Griffin Warrior might have looked like. Credit: Lynne Schepartz and Tobias Houlton/HVRU/University of Witwatersrand Using new scientific tools, University of Cincinnati archaeologists discovered that an ancient Greek leader known today as the Griffin Warrior likely grew up around the seaside city he would … Read more

Analysis of global tree population explains baffling trends in species richness

This map shows the number of tree species per hectare across the global forest range, which was derived using data from ~1.3 million global forest inventory plots compiled and standardized by the research team. Credit: Purdue University Local species richness, the number of species that coexist in a local community, is a key measure of … Read more

New at-home, saliva-based COVID test as effective as PCR in preliminary analysis

Penn State researchers developed an at-home, saliva-based testing platform that can provide results in 45 minutes. In preliminary tests, the platform detects the COVID-casing virus with the same level of sensitivity as PCR tests. Credit: Kelby Hochreither, Penn State PCR tests, also called molecular tests or nucleic acid tests, are considered the gold standard in … Read more

Analysis of molecular processes in living cells with sub-10 nm spatial resolution

The photoswitching rates of fluorescent dyes are as unique as a fingerprint and as readable as a barcode. Credit: Dr. Gerti Beliu Rudolf-Virchow-Zentrum, Universität Würzburg Researchers at the University of Würzburg have developed “photoswitching fingerprint analysis”—a unique technology that allows for the first time the analysis of molecular processes and the regulation of individual proteins … Read more

An AI-assisted analysis of three-dimensional galaxy distribution in our universe

Flow chart of how the emulator developed by the research team works. Credit: Kavli IPMU, NAOJ By applying a machine-learning technique, a neural network method, to gigantic amounts of simulation data about the formation of cosmic structures in the universe, a team of researchers has developed a very fast and highly efficient software program that … Read more