‘Spooky action at a distance’ can lead to a multiverse. Here’s how.

Some interpretations of quantum mechanics propose that our entire universe is described by a single universal wave function that constantly splits and multiplies, producing a new reality for every possible quantum interaction. That’s quite a bold statement. So how do we get there? One of the earliest realizations in the history of quantum mechanics is … Read more

‘Blade Runner 2099’ live action TV show coming to Amazon Prime Video

A live-action, limited-run TV series based within the “Blade Runner” universe has been given the go ahead on Amazon Prime. Legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott, who directed the original “Blade Runner” film, will act as an executive producer on the new show. Based on the series title, the series will be set 50 years after the … Read more

Repaired SpaceX booster to return to action on Starlink Group 4-23

SpaceX will launch its 56th Starlink mission, Group 4-23, taking flight aboard a flight-proven Falcon 9 from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Liftoff is expected at 10:22 PM EDT on Saturday (02:22 UTC on Sunday). With SpaceX maintaining an average rate of one launch every 6.28 days, the … Read more

Hawaii families impacted by Navy’s jet fuel leak worry about cancer, prepare legal action a year later

Waikīkī Beach, Honolulu, United States. Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The battle to hold the US military accountable for tainting public drinking water with jet fuel from the Red Hill bulk fuel storage facility continues almost a year after thousands of residents who were sickened and displaced last year. In November, a major jet fuel leak … Read more

Researchers use AI to define priority areas for action to combat deforestation in the Amazon

A study using satellite imagery and machine learning techniques shows that many deforestation hotspots lie outside the 11 municipalities currently monitored by the Brazilian federal government. Credit: Agência Brasil Using a method based on satellite images and artificial intelligence, Brazilian researchers have shown that the priority area for actions to combat illegal deforestation could comprise … Read more

Nikon Action EX 12×50 binoculars review

Some say that binoculars are an astronomer’s best friend, largely because they’re much easier to handle than a telescope. The Nikon Action EX 12×50 is undoubtedly more portable than a telescope, but it’s not exactly lightweight. Based on the larger porro prism design of binoculars, Nikon has favored a tough, waterproof and likely drop-proof build … Read more

Researchers take first-ever cryo-EM images of nitrogenase in action

A comparison of previous X-ray crystallography and new cryoEM images shows remarkable clarity and detail with cryoEM. (cr: Tezcan and Herzik groups / UC San Diego) Previously, it has been impossible to capture the high-resolution images of nitrogenase, the only enzyme capable of reducing nitrogen into ammonia, during catalytic action. Now, for the first time, … Read more

US takes emergency action to save sequoias from wildfires

In this photo provided by the National Park Service, a firefighter clears loose brush from around a Sequoia tree in Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park, Calif., in July 2022. The US Forest Service is taking emergency action to speed up approval of projects to clear underbrush in giant sequoia groves to save the world’s … Read more

Amazon landscape change study highlights ecological harms and opportunities for action

Large-scale agriculture in the Brazilian Amazon. Credit: Erika Berenguer A major study into landscape changes in the Brazilian Amazon sheds new light on the many environmental threats the biome faces—but also offers encouraging opportunities for ecological sustainability in the world’s most biodiverse tropical forest. The study’s findings are critical because as the Amazon moves closer … Read more

Study links urbanization to poor ecological knowledge, less environmental action

Many residents living along the US Eastern Seaboard whom researchers surveyed about their understanding of coastal environments displayed one of two lines of thought. People exhibiting linear thinking saw the relationships between different aspects of their environment as going in one direction, while systems thinkers captured the concept of two-way relationships more often. Credit: B. … Read more